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National Student Survey (NSS) Project 2009

There has been much media speculation and discussion within art and design at the level of individual HEIs, regarding the reasons for art and design appearing towards the bottom of the NSS outcomes tables. There has not, to date, been any national research to support art and design subjects and its deliverers in the analysis of the actual NSS data, nor in reviewing the activities by HEIs in relation to the NSS and the success or otherwise of such actions. This project, jointly funded in 2009 by ADM-HEA and The HEAD Trust, aims to begin the task of addressing this shortfall.

Aims and Objectives

  • Use existing data, identify what additional statistical modelling is needed to better understand the NSS from an ADM perspective and commission research accordingly.

  • Conduct a series of Case Studies in selected HEIs to identify successful institutional responses and interventions to the NSS, with particular reference to the ‘Organisation & Management ‘ scale, since this area has consistently shown weakness.

  • Use information obtained form the above to draw up a set of papers and statements to support the subject area in responding to, and working with, the NSS.


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