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The Media Education Research Journal

Date posted: 22/12/2008

The Media Education Research Journal  is a peer reviewed academic journal, published twice a year by Auteur. 
Aims and Scope
The Media Education Research Journal offers a forum for the exchange of academic research into media education and pedagogy conducted by academics, practitioners and teachers situated in all sectors and contexts for media education. The journal aims to encourage dialogue between the sectors and between media educators from different countries. The journal’s explicit aim is to facilitate the transfer of critical, empirical, action and discursive research into the complexity of media education as social practice.
Call for articles (first edition Spring 2010) 
The editors invite articles from a broad range of academics and practitioners from all sectors who wish to share the outcomes of case studies / research into media learning and pedagogy. Themes may include (but are not restricted to):

  •  Action research with Media students
  • The relationship between theory and practice
  • Assessing media learning
  • The categorisation and assessment of creativity and originality
  • The employability discourse
  • Pedagogy related to specific learning contexts (eg 14-19 diploma, ‘reframing literacy’ in primary education, production-based University learning) or progression between learning contexts.
  • How media literacy and media education relate.
  • Informal and formal media learning practices in ‘Media 2.0’ 
  • The Media teacher / academic as researcher / academic as practitioner
  • The boundaries of media education and within media education

Articles are invited in two formats – 

  • Full articles (4-5000 words) sharing the outcomes of research (with appropriate methodology and critical analysis of data) to contribute to the field of media education and pedagogy.
  •  Research reports (1500 words) sharing research in progress or completed research pending critical analysis from emerging researchers. These reports will serve a networking and incubation function.

The journal will also feature reviews of books, online material, conferences and other areas related to media education and pedagogy.

The deadline for submissions is 20 November 2009.


Please email the following for more information or to submit an article: (for submissions)  (for enquiries)


Richard Berger: Reader in Media Education, The Centre of Excellence in Media Practice, Bournemouth University
Julian McDougall: Reader in Media and Education, Newman University College, Birmingham

Editorial Board
Dan Ashton., Lecturer, Bath Spa University.
John Atkinson, Publisher, Auteur
David Buckingham, Professor of Education, Institute of Education, University of London
Alex Kendall, Associate Dean: Education, University of Wolverhampton
Kate Domaille, Lecturer in Education, University of Southampton
Dan Laughey, Senior Lecturer, Leeds Metropolitan University.
Jackie Marsh, Professor of Education, University of Sheffield
N. Y. Potamitis: Honorary Research Fellow, University of Birmingham
Cathy Poole, Director of Lifelong Learning, University of Bristol
Anna Reading, Reader in Arts and Media, London South Bank University.
Jon Wardle - Director of the Centre for Excellence in Media Practice, Bournemouth University