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Digital developments: special issue of Cultural Trends Journal

Date posted: 23/04/2010

The digital revolution, and particularly the massive growth and take-up of the web, have generated profound changes in the lives of people in many different communities, not least the cultural and heritage sectors.

Individuals and organisations use the web to present their work in new ways, which provide opportunities for people to interact with content and services and ideas in ways inconceivable only a few years ago. And we are still in the relatively early stages of generating new art forms that exploit the many different opportunities offered by digital technologies. But we have relatively little detailed analytical knowledge of how producers in the cultural sector ­ in the visual arts and media, in music and the performing arts, in literature, and in the heritage sector ­ are exploiting and leading the development of new technologies in the UK and elsewhere. And we have similarly little knowledge of how consumers are making use of new services, and their attitudes and experiences.

For this special issue of Cultural Trends the editors are calling for papers which explore how different individuals and organisations, within and across different parts of the cultural sector, are making use of digital technologies; and which analyse the experiences of different groups of digital consumers. The world has changed, but the precise nature and dimensions of that change, and of further changes to come, remain to be understood.

The deadline for the submission of papers is 17 September 2010 for selection by the Cultural Trends Advisory Board. Please send an email headed ‘Cultural Trends  Digital Developments’ to the journal’s editor, Sara Selwood at